Търся човек за спинване на статии

Търся човек за спинване на статии на английски език, като държа матрицата да генерира смислени варианти на първоначалната статия. Автоматичния спин не ме интересува. Изисква се добро владеене на английски език и желание за работа. За повече информация на ЛС.

Rekba awlad driss M'hamid lghezlan

Despite of economic hardship, people of M'hamid Oulad Driss seem sticking with their amazing Folklore.
They show that life is about suffer, but to defeat it is to stick with your costumes that witness your rich history.

Rokba of zagora

Art knee from Zagora, art where men sing the beloved Prophet of God and prayers be upon him, who is also the art of combining proverbs and governance, and traditional sayings, and increase the beauty of this type that wonderful dances performed by two members of the group amid the podium.
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Elarroumiate zagora

A small village situated on the north side of the city of Zagora, Bhawwa this village Mini includes a lot of features cultural, artistic and tourist from other villages and valley Zagora, and frequented by some tourists not for tourism but because there are some people who have experience in the treatment of colds and other by burial in the sand desert, some destinations, to buy fruit dates to his well-known quality and diversity of a very large.

History of Zagora

The history of the region dates back to time immemorial, as evidenced by the rock carvings in Foum Chena and Tazarine and giant necropolis of Foum Larjam to lghir N'tidri M'hamid El Ghizlane. In the early 14th Century, Chorfas Saâdiens, from the Middle East settled in Tagmadart

In the 16th century Saadian Chorfas left to conquer Sub Morocco and northern Morocco, before realizing that the countries of Western Sudan by the famous route from Timbuktu. This great expedition has provided commercial and cultural prosperity of Morocco.
Zaouia Naciria, Tamegroute

Under the reign of the Alaouite dynasty, the region was granted a special interest since its release by the great Sultan bin Mohamed My cherif the 17th century and especially during the reign of Moulay Ismail great and famous. His son Ben Cherif Ismail went to Beni Zoli Aghlan, where he established the seat of his authority (wilaya Draa Sijilmassa). The valiant king also relied on the

Zaoui Naciria for the dissemination of knowledge in neighboring African countries. This Zaouia has a rich library that contains valuable works of theology, history, and medicine that is the oldest preserved manuscript dating from the 13th century. After the death of Moulay Ismail in 1727, the region has experienced periods of instability but always remained faithful to the Alaouite throne.

In the 20th century after a period of colonialism, the region has returned to development that involves all sectors through wise policy conducted by His Majesty Hassan II (that god has mercy in His Holy) and continued by His Majesty King Mohamed VI. (that glorifies God).


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